Deans Rag Book Co Mr Turnip

mr turnip 600


A rare Dean's Rag Book Co. Mr Turnip made in 1954 only.

Mr. T has a rubber head, a felt body with clothes and the Dean's 'Evripose' wire limbed movement.

Whirligig, a children's television fortnightly Saturday afternoon treat, which began in November 1950, devised by Michael Westmore, was the very first children's programme to be broadcast live from the BBC studios in Lime Grove.

Characters on Whirligig were Hank the Cowboy in Hank Rides Again; and the obnoxious Mr Turnip, the invention of Joy Laurey, starred with his hapless human stooge Humphrey Lestocq, known to all as HL.

Mr Turnip was often joined by his friends Sarah Swede and Colonel Beetroot. The voice of Mr. Turnip was created by Peter Hawkins who also went on to provide the voices for 'Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men' and many other TV characters.

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  1. Victoria Saper on July 1, 2023 at 11:11

    I love Mr. Turnip. I had the same doll, however the head on mine was a composite material, not rubber, as you indicate yours is Perhaps you meant to say yours is also a composite material for the head. Rubber, does get hard with age, and in that aging process, would you not see cracks, such as seen on many of the post war character animals, the Meckis, Gucki, Lucki, and Pucki, and Santa Clause to name a few?

    My Mr. Turnip doll retained his “Deans Rag Book” label on the bottom of his left foot. Regretfully,, I no longer have him in my collection. I do, however, have a Mr. Turnip painted metal in O.B. marionette. Both are in Excellent condition, in excellent! condition! He is a Joy😉